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Strawberry Bubblegum by WonderBrett Strawberry Bubblegum by WonderBrett

Another in the long line of WonderBrett’s delicious strains, Strawberry Bubblegum gives you a sugar rush that goes straight to your head. Expertly grown indoors with the most premium methods, this Sativa maintains the reliable and consistent quality WonderBrett is famous for. You’ll be bombarded with a strong smell of strawberry flavored bubblegum upon smelling this sugary strain. You won’t be surprised to taste strawberry flavored bubblegum on inhale, but you’ll be delighted to discover a sweet...

1/8 Oz $55
1/4 Oz $110
1/2 Oz $200
Oz $380
Mega Wellness OG by Nameless Genetics Mega Wellness OG by Nameless Genetics

Nameless Genetics' Mega Wellness is their exclusive version of OG Kush, a multi-award winning bud that's a favorite of concentrate makers for competition. Rich in smelly fuel-citrus aromas, this terpene-rich flower induces a heavy couchlock with euphoric uplifting elements.

1 Gram $20
1/8 Oz $55
1/4 Oz $110
1/2 Oz $200
Oz $380
Forum Cookies by Cream of the Crop Forum Cookies by Cream of the Crop

Forum Cookies is a phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain, an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Durban Poison X Cherry Kush strains. This bud gets its name from the forum where it originated – – and has a sativa dominance (75% sativa/25% indica). Even with its rarity, Forum Cookies is a great choice for anyone who loves a classic GSC high but with a sativa twist.

1/8 Oz $55
1/4 Oz $110
1/2 Oz $200
Oz $380


C. Banana Crumble C. Banana Crumble

This is a legendary West Coast strain that pairs Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, and provides a great relaxed head that’s creatively charged. Scent: Stick your hooter in the jar, yup smells like a bunch of ripe bananas. Taste: Sweet with sligh tropical notes on the intake with a pear, apple release. Effect:A mellow Sativa buzz that places you in a very fine spot, heightened and mentally ready to engage.

Single unit $20
Gorilla Grapes by Cream of the Crop Gorilla Grapes by Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop Gardens Gorilla Grapes Live Resin is a strong Hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue and Grape Ape that make for a potent mix of body and head highs. The blueberry flavor profile is rich with terpenes that make for a smooth dab which relieves stress and relaxes users.

1/2 Gram $45
1 Gram $80
Lambsbread by Utopia Farms Lambsbread by Utopia Farms

Utopia Farms Lambsbread Live Resin is a delicious concentrate extracted from live, premium Lambsbread flowers. This sativa concentrate tastes of musky earth and provides energizing and uplifting effects. Lambsbread is a timeless sativa that possibly descends from an original skunk phenotype hailing from Jamaica.

1/2 Gram $45
1 Gram $80
Taffie by Utopia Farms Taffie by Utopia Farms

Utopia Farms Taffie Live Resin is a premium concentrate extracted from Taffie, a West Coast cross between Tangie and LA Affie (Afghani phenotype) that packs a sweet, fruity Kush taste. This hybrid live resin exhibits well-balanced effects that make it suitable for daytime use.

1/2 Gram $45
1 Gram $80


Green Crack Honey Vape Disposable Green Crack Honey Vape Disposable

Green Crack by Honey Vape is an excellent antidepressant and also has pain relieving properties. It can help depressed patients get a good night’s sleep because of the strong mood elevating properties. Most will experience Green Crack by Honey Vape as a mood lifter and energy booster. Effects range from happy, to motivated, focused and creative.

Single unit $30
Blue Dream Disposable Honey Vape Blue Dream Disposable Honey Vape

Blue Dream by Honey Vape is a versatile oil that tends to affect men and women differently at first. Women tend to experience mood elevation and levity more while men tend to find Blue Dream slightly intoxicating similar to alcohol. Mind expansive qualities make Blue Dream the go-to strain for musicians, dancers and creatives. The same qualities make Blue Dream an effective medicine for anxiety. Some may experience drowsiness. Others will delight in the inability to sustain linear thinking. Effe...

1/2 Gram $40




Puffco + Puffco +

The first ever pocket nail, the Puffco+ features a coil-free chamber designed to function just like a ceramic nail. The Plus delivers highly potent, flavorful, and discreet vapor. Use the Dart to easily load a dose at a time and instantly experience full spectrum effects. No Coils, No Glues, No Compromises.

Single unit $120


Subtle Tea Black, 40mg Subtle Tea Black, 40mg

Bold flavors of cinnamon, clove and cardamom pair well with this cannabis-infused tea. Great with milk and honey. Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, All-Natural, Caffeine-Free.

Single unit $7


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